Practical Advanced Periodontal Surgery (Hardcover)


書名:Practical Advanced Periodontal Surgery (Hardcover)
作者:Edited by: Serge Dibart (Boston University School of Dental Medicine)
ISBN: 9780813809571



Practical Advanced Periodontal Surgery offers a step-by-step guide to cutting-edge surgical techniques as well as interdisciplinary treatment approaches in periodontology. It details procedures in a practical, succinct, thorough and accessible way, profiling more complex and advanced procedures, through a user-friendly and highly visual format. By presenting an innovative approach to each treatment modality, Practical Advanced Periodontal Surgery provides predictable solutions to complex daily dental challenges.

Table of Contents:

1. Foreword (Van Dyke)
2. Bone physiology and Metabolism (Dibart JP)
3. The wound healing process (Price)
4. The contribution of Periodontics to Orthodontic therapy (Wilcko, Wilcko, Marquez, Ferguson )
5. The contribution of Periodontics to endodontic therapy: The surgical management of periradicular periodontitis (Moulazadeh)
6. The contribution of Periodontics to Prosthodontics: Treatment planning of patients requiring combined periodontal and prosthodontic care ( Bokhadoor, Al Dousari, Morgano).
7. The contribution of Periodontics to the correction of vertical alveolar ridge deficiencies:
8. Papillary construction after dental implant therapy (Shahidi, Dibart, Zhang)
9. Dental implant placement including the use of short implants (Price, Su).
10. Periodontal Medicine including biopsy techniques (Noonan, Kabani)
11. Sinus augmentation using tissue-engineering (Schulze-Späte, Montesani)

About the Author:

Serge Dibart is clinical director of the periodontal residency program at Boston University Goldman School of Graduate Dentistry.


  • 製造商: Wiley-Blackwell出版社

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