Implant Dentistry: A Practical Approach (第2版)



Get the practical information you need to add dental implants to your practice! Dr. Arun Garg, a leading dental implant educator, clinician, and researcher, uses a clear, succinct writing style to inform and guide you through the full scope of dental implantology. A patient-focused approach covers surgical templates and techniques, sterilization, pharmacology, bone biology, complications, and more. A robust appendix offers handy information including insurance codes, consent forms, surgical tray set-ups, and food recipes for patients recovering from surgery.




1 The Adaptation and Development of Biological Concepts in Orthodontics (Ze'ev Davidovitch and Neal C. Murphy).

2 Biology of Orthodontic Tooth Movement: An Overview (Vinod Krishnan, Young Guk Park, and Ze’ev Davidovitch).

3 The Mechanobiology of the Periodontal Tissues (Itzhak Binderman, Hila Bahar, Nasser Gadban, and Avinoam Yaffe).

4 Genetic Influences on Orthodontic Tooth Movement (Maggie Zeichner-David).

5 The Role of Inflammation in Defining the Type and Pattern of Tissue Response in Orthodontic Tooth Movement (Masaru Yamaguchi).

6 Biological Aspects of Bone Growth and Metabolism in Orthodontics (Song Chen, James K. Hartsfield Jr, and W. Eugene Roberts).

7 Markers of Paradental Tissue Remodeling in the Gingival Crevicular Fluid of Orthodontic Patients (Laura R. Iwasaki and Jeffrey C. Nickel).

8 Effects of Systemic Diseases on Orthodontic Tooth Movement (Ze’ev Davidovitch and Vinod Krishnan).

9 The Effect of Drugs and Diet on Orthodontic Tooth Movement (Vinod Krishnan and Ze'ev Davidovitch).

10 Biologically and Clinically, What Are Optimal Orthodontic Forces and How Are They Applied in Selective Common Malocclusions? (Vincent De Angelis and Ze'ev Davidovitch).

11 The Biological Background of Relapse of Orthodontic Tooth Movement (Jaap C. Maltha and Anne Marie Kuijpers-Jagtman).

12 Mechanical and Biological Determinants of Iatrogenic Injuries in Orthodontics (Vinod Krishnan).


About the Author (關於作者):

Dr. Vinod Krishnan is Assistant Professor in the Department of orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics, Rajas Dental College, Tamilnadu, India. He has numerous publications to his credit in the field of tooth movement biology and serves as a reviewer for various international orthodontic journals.

Dr Ze'ev Davidovitch is Professor Emeritus at Harvard University. He is a world authority in the field of orthodontic tooth movement. Since 1988 he has organized eight international conferences on the biology of tooth movement and edited the books of the proceedings, each containing 45-60 full length articles.


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Practical Advanced Periodontal Surgery (Hardcover)
Practical Advanced Periodontal Surgery (Hardcover)

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