Simion 教授 GBR手術 re-Live 視頻 (訂閱12個月)


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CONTINUING EDUCATION E-LEARNING VIDEO CHANNEL FOCUSED ON GBR PROCEDURES GBR Surgery Channel is a structures video collection where you will be able to see reLive surgeries performed by Prof Massimo Simion during his courses and his everyday activity as surgeon. It represents an innovative way to learn advanced surgical protocols and explore GBR clinical aspects.
Subscribers will be allowed to access the resource on demand for 12 months (from the date of subscription). The full teaching plan comprises 15 hi-quality videos.


The course will comprise all the aspects faced during advanced GBR surgeries, from soft-tissue management to membrane stabilization, from GBR in Esthethic areas to sinus lift procedures, from the correct use of bone grafts to membrane exposure management.

The following aspects will be covered during the reLive videos
- Incision techniques and flap designs
- Soft tissue management and passivation: lingual and vestibular flaps
- Vertical and horizontal GBR procedures
- Bone augmentation management in aesthetic areas
- Treatment of bone defects and sinus lift procedures comprising the use of membranes
- Use of titanium-reinforced non-resorbable membranes and resorbable membranes
- Membrane fixation
- Autogenous bone graft: donor sites
- Use of bone grafts
- Connective tissue harvesting and graft
- Suturing techniques in GBR
- Membrane removal in GBR
- Management of membrane exposure and membrane infection


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