Introduction to Dental Local Anaesthesia


書名:Introduction to Dental Local Anaesthesia
作者:Hans Evers and Glenn Haegerstam


Trigeminal nerve P.7
Physiology of the peripheral nerve P.17
Blocking of nerve conduction P.21
Pharmacodynamic aspects P.23

Techniques of regional anaesthesia in dentistry P.27
  • Clinical requirements for local anaesthesia P.21
  • Solution properties of clinical importance P.32
Anaesthesia of the upper jaw P.37
  • General considerations P.38
Incisions and canines P.39
  • Operative aspects P.41
  • Injection P.42
  • Spread of analgesia P.43
  • Infraorbital block P.44
  • Spread of analgesia P.46
Premolars P.47
  • Operative aspects P.48
  • Injection P.49
  • Supplementary injection in the palate P.50
  • Spread of analgesia P.52
Molars P.52
  • Operative aspects P.53
  • Buccal infiltration P.54
  • Tuberosity injection P.55
  • Supplementary blocking of the greater palatine nerve P.56
  • Spread of analgesia P.57
Anaesthesia of the lower jaw P.59
  • General considerations P.60
Incisions and canines P.61
  • Operative aspects P.63
  • Supplementary blocking of the lingual nerve P.65
  • Spread of analgesia P.66
Premolars P.67
  • Operative aspects P.70
  • Mental block P.71
  • Supplementary blocking of the lingual nerve
Molars P.74
  • Operative aspects P.79
  • Inferior alveolar nerve block
  • Blocking of the lingual nerve P.85
  • Blocking of the buccal nerve P.86
Failure of anaesthesia P.88


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